Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wacky Writer's Wednesday Rules

Wacky Writer's Wednesday is a fun little writing game that I came up with.  Every Wednesday I will post up a different writing prompt.  It will either be in the form of words, a music video, a poem I come across or as simple as a photo.  The following are the list of rules to participate in the game.

1a) Check this blog every Wednesday for your new writing prompt.  I will do my best to post it as early in the day as possible, but they will most likely be posted in the late afternoon or early evening.
1b) If you decide to participate, please make sure you link back to this post on your post so that I know you understand the rules.
2) All posts on this blog/in this game are in eastern standard time (if that makes a difference for anyone)
3) Each story should be between 500 & 1,500 words (max & min).
4) If you find yourself going over 1,500 words, make sure to put a TBC (to be continued) comment at the bottom of the page and you can continue with the following weeks post.
5) If you would like to participate in Wacky Writer's Wednesday (Or WWW for short), please E-MAIL me at OR comment that weeks writing prompt blog post.
6) You do not have to play every week, but I would love it if you did.
7) ALL stories are due by Saturday night at midnight, eastern standard time.
8) Please MAKE SURE YOU TELL ME YOU ARE INTERESTED so that I may make you a contributor for this blog, so that you can post your story.
9) After you post your story, please make sure you READ & COMMENT everyone else's stories that are participating.
10) Every story that is entered, will go in a "pool" at the end of every month, and we will all vote on which story we like best. (I will ask my publisher or someone close to me who is a non participant for help with this)
11) The story that is voted on the most will be featured on the WWW page until the end of the following month.
12) The monthly winners will then be put into one big pool at the end of July/beginning of august and will be entered to win a FREE copy of my debut novel, The World Among Us, a YA Fantasy novel with a Romeo & Juliet mythology twist.
13) The monthly drawings will be held on the 29/30 of every month, except in the month of February, where I will draw it on the 28th.


  1. I love the idea. It can be written in third person, right? I guess what I mean is, it can be a fictional story?

  2. Hi Jasmine! Yes, it can be written in third person. Write however makes you most comfortable. First and third person is preferred. Second person is ok, but it must be written really well. :)

  3. I should also note, that if you don't want to post the story yourself, send it to me at the e-mail above, and I will post it for you. This would be good for those who don't have easy access to a computer or anything. Also, if you finish before Saturday, you can post it before, or schedule when you want your story to post for those who want to be blog contributors.